Glandstonbury 2013

As ever I am standing on the sidelines applauding the enthusiasm and genius of others…


Time:                    From 7pm on 10th October 2013.  Dining from 7.30

Location:             The Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury Street. London. N1 1ER

Chefs:                   Andrew Clarke and Jackson Boxer. Rita’s

                                Henry Harris. Chef Proprietor, Racine

                                James de Jong. Head Chef, The Drapers Arms

                                Tom Oldroyd. Executive Head Chef, Polpo

Cost:                     £45 per head for a multi course feast of offal not including drinks

Booking:              Please call the pub on 020 7619 0348 or email


Glandstonbury 2013

£45 per head


Crispy pigs ears

Spiced chickens feet

Chopped liver & shmaltzed radish


Calves brains Grenobloise

Henry Harris, Racine

Duck heart kebabs & pickled cherries

James de Jong, The Drapers Arms

Chargrilled chitterlings, endive, pickled pear, malt & molasses

Andrew Clarke & Jackson Boxer, Rita’s 

Devilled black toads, apple & almond slaw

Tom Oldroyd, Polpo Group


Tripe, pig’s trotter & ox heart cassoulet

Henry Harris, Racine

Bath chaps with sauce gribiche

James de Jong, The Drapers Arms

Iberico pork & morcilla faggots

Andrew Clarke & Jackson Boxer, Rita’s 

Venetian sliced liver, onions & sage

Tom Oldroyd, Polpo Group

Beets. Radishes . Leaves




Chocolate & foie gras truffles


Booking via The Drapers Arms: 020 7619 0348 or

Menu may be subject to change.

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